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Sorry for the lack of blog posts in July … life offline has been a challenge. Here’s a tip: it’s never a good thing to find out your cat is diabetic, but it’s a bad thing to find out after an attack of both acute pancreatitis and ketoacidosis requiring several days of hospitalization. And the subsequent (fortunately temporary) renal failure from either the drugs the first vet gave him.

Then there was the cat biting me (or more correctly, me getting my fingers in the way of his teeth while trying to force antibiotics down his throat). And having to decide whether to go with the subsequent antibiotics for me and the potential c-diff from that vs the very scary potential infection from cat bite. Oh, and the subsequent quarantine of the cat because his rabies vaccine was out of date.

Finally, there was the death of my not-two-year-old Kenmore fridge and the subsequent tossing of $$$ worth of food. Sigh.

I’m hoping to get back to more regular posts in August! In the meantime, the cat is better, my hand never got infected (whew!), and the new fridge should last at least 5 years since that’s how long my new extended warranty is.

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It’s Thanksgiving here in the US, so I wanted to send a quick note of thanks to you folks for reading, commenting, and emailing me this year … I greatly appreciate it!

I checked my stats today and it turns out that I am 88 posts shy of 1000 and 12K views shy of a half million … wow!! I’m not exactly the Little Engine That Could, but there is definitely something to be said about persistence ;).

If you’re celebrating, I hope you have a happy time with family and/or friends!

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First CSA!

First CSA haul

My first CSA haul of the season (or ever actually). Looking forward to seeing what I get over the summer!

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This one is quite a bit off-topic, but I saw that Just My Size was having a sale on their Glamorise bras and thought I’d pass it along. (I have no financial interest in Glamorise or JMS … I’m just a happy customer!)

The bra at right (their Magic Lift Plus Posture bra) is my fave. The hooks in front were a must when my mobility issues were at their worst and now I just prefer them. But the reason I decided to mention them here is that they are one of the very few reasonably priced line of bras that realizes that some of us ladies are well-endowed (many of their bras run up to a J cup size).

So, if you’re like I was, wearing a bra several band sizes too large because a DD doesn’t cut it (and per O, 85% of women are wearing the wrong size bra), you may want to give these a try. Another tip: I often wear one of these with a swim top for much better support than your average built-in.

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As I mentioned recently, sometimes it might be time to give diet and exercise a rest, especially if this frees up energy (physical or mental) to deal with other important activities.

This is one of those times for me. I’m making a major change: I’ve bought a house in NW Pennsylvania (about an hour north of Pittsburgh) and will be moving there in Oct/Nov (between reno and trips between PA and DC, there’s no one “official” move date ;).

While I joke about this being boonie PA, it’s not exactly off the grid … I’m on a county road and there’s shopping (including a Panera and my new go-to’s Lowes and Home Depot!) just a couple of miles away. But it’s definitely very close to farm country, which includes a thriving Amish community.

This is a return of sorts for me (I grew up in Pittsburgh) and I’m excited to be closer to my family there. I’m also very fortunate that I’ll be able to keep my current day job as a full-time teleworker. And best yet, although the house is small, it’s a nice size for me … and I bought it outright for less than a down payment would have cost here in the nation’s capital.

More as it develops, but I just wanted to give folks a heads up that this may mean some longer gaps in blogging over the next month or two.

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This is not going to be your average AHS12 wrap up post. I missed the majority of sessions (more about that later), so this is going to be just some of my highlights. Please check out the other wrapup posts for a lot more of the meaty details ;).


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AHS12 sneak peek

Here’s a sneak peek from the AHS12 program … this is the gathering space where the vendors and coffee will be. I just love the look of that terrace, especially since the weather in Boston/Cambridge is apparently going to be lovely!

If you’ll be there, please do say hi! I’ll be the plus-sized gal managing the volunteers at the event, and more often than not I’ll be running around like a crazy person ;). But in my moments of calm, would love to meet you!

If you’re not going to be there, follow @Ancestry2012 or the hashtag #AHS12 on Twitter. Many of the sessions will be made available after the fact (for free!) as well.

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