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Sorry for the lack of blog posts in July … life offline has been a challenge. Here’s a tip: it’s never a good thing to find out your cat is diabetic, but it’s a bad thing to find out after an attack of both acute pancreatitis and ketoacidosis requiring several days of hospitalization. And the subsequent (fortunately temporary) renal failure from either the drugs the first vet gave him.

Then there was the cat biting me (or more correctly, me getting my fingers in the way of his teeth while trying to force antibiotics down his throat). And having to decide whether to go with the subsequent antibiotics for me and the potential c-diff from that vs the very scary potential infection from cat bite. Oh, and the subsequent quarantine of the cat because his rabies vaccine was out of date.

Finally, there was the death of my not-two-year-old Kenmore fridge and the subsequent tossing of $$$ worth of food. Sigh.

I’m hoping to get back to more regular posts in August! In the meantime, the cat is better, my hand never got infected (whew!), and the new fridge should last at least 5 years since that’s how long my new extended warranty is.

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It’s Thanksgiving here in the US, so I wanted to send a quick note of thanks to you folks for reading, commenting, and emailing me this year … I greatly appreciate it!

I checked my stats today and it turns out that I am 88 posts shy of 1000 and 12K views shy of a half million … wow!! I’m not exactly the Little Engine That Could, but there is definitely something to be said about persistence ;).

If you’re celebrating, I hope you have a happy time with family and/or friends!

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This is just a quick notice regarding the “Likes” button at the end of Weight Maven posts. It wasn’t widely used by folks (compared to the share buttons or comment field), but I’ve recently noticed that it’s being more and more being used in a “spammy” fashion just for link traffic to questionable content.

Unfortunately, my platform (WordPress.com) doesn’t allow me to block these, so for now, I’m just turning it off. Hope that doesn’t trouble anyone too much!

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Blogroll update

Wow, I got way behind on updating my extended blogroll (last updated last September). Anyways, I’m now current and will go back to my regular quarterly update schedule.

BTW, mad props to InoReader’s slick subscriptions management feature … I was able to weed out all the blogs that are no longer current. If you are not happy with your Google Reader replacement, you may want to check them out.

As usual, be sure to let me know if you write or read a blog you think I’d be interested in. Thanks!!

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Ok, this is it. You have a little more than a day to save your feeds out of Google Reader. You should save your feeds even if you switched to a service like Feedly which used your Google creds to get your feeds directly (i.e., without exporting).

Feedly (or similar services) will probably eventually let you export your feeds, but right now, some of them don’t. So if you wind up having Feedly (or similar services) issues in the near term, you’ll be stuck with that service until they add exporting to their feature list. So make sure your service has export capability before you lose the ability from Google.

If you need to export, follow these directions from LifeHacker and export your feeds! LifeHacker also has some recommendations for readers that match various interests, so if you’ve really procrastinated, they’ve got some good readers to try.

Me, I’ve not found “the” reader for me yet. Digg has some issues yet, so while I’ll keep my eye on them, they aren’t there yet. Feedspot looked like an interesting late entry, but they kept crashing my browser yesterday. Not cool! So for now, I’ll probably be using The Old Reader or InoReader. Both have export support (InoReader’s is better) so I figure I can always switch, if need be, as the alternative Reader market continues to improve (one hopes!).

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bigrssI’m sure the 300 or so Google Reader subscribers who read this blog don’t need me to remind them that it’s going away on July 1st. But if you haven’t found an alternative yet or are, like me, waiting to see some last minute options, I thought I’d remind you anyways!

One of the things I’ve learned in checking into replacements (as of today) is that the best replacement completely depends on how you intend to use it, e.g., do you need/want an app? Or do you want cloud-based? Like something minimal? Or want something more visual? Just need an RSS feed reader? Or want something with bells & whistles like social?

Given that, if you’re still looking, I’d search for the best google reader replacement and start testing them out … that is after you’ve exported your subscriptions.

Me, I’m a cloud-based, minimalist kind of gal, so my leading contenders are The Old Reader, InoReader, and CommaFeed. If I had to pick today, I’d probably go with The Old Reader. But I’m going to wait and see what Digg unveils next week before I make my final choice.

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I get emails

My blog isn’t all that, but hey, I guess I blog enough — and on weight loss to boot — that I do wind up getting the semi-regular offers for guest posting, online ads, and so on.

Here’s today’s funny email from Sophia Loren (presumably not the Sophia Loren):

I am Sophia, working for [redacted] I have an infographic suggestion to be published on your blog/website https://weightmaven.org/

I am sure that it grabs the attention of your visitors as it is made by the expert designers of our team with meticulous data research accompanied by visually appealing color combinations and pictures.

The infographic is about ”Foods That Increase Breast Size”.

Hmmm. Seems like English may not be her first language … wait, maybe it is the Sophia!

Sorry, no link love from me. But you folks who want it should be able to Google your way there ;).

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