Dogs are indeed great to have in life. Not only they are great relievers of stress, but they are also great friends to have. They are called man’s best friend for many reasons. One of those and probably the most important aspect is that they are great companions which everyone needs.

If you are an active person, you surely love going out for runs and doing all sorts of outdoor activities. Of course, it will be great to have your dog with you to be more memorable and less boring. But are they really suited for it even just for a simple jog or run?

It can be done but with the following to keep in mind if it’s right about your dog.

1. Breed

Dogs have many breeds, and they all have different needs. Some breeds would have a hard time in hot places because of their fur and body temperature. Then there are also those that are not active in nature. Mostly, larger dogs are more suitable for this kind of activity, but that does not mean smaller ones cannot do it too. You will just have to adjust to them. They might be slower and have more restrictions than the bigger ones.

2. Age

Even if their breed is very suitable, you will have to consider their age too. Puppies may be energetic, but they are too young for activities that are more strenuous. Their body is not yet developed for that and might strain them. That is the same for the older ones. Their bodies are more fragile and not suited for those kinds of activities anymore.

3. Health

Before you decide on your dog, make sure to visit their veterinarian if they are physically fit. They might have health conditions that will be not good for workouts. Another one is that their body might not be ready, so you should not shock them with it. You can ask for some advice from their veterinarian for this. With that, you will be able to know and avoid the dangers of your dog’s health.

4. Needs

There will be needs if you decide to have your dog workout with you. First, of course, are some basic needs such as water. There are also other decisions such as if they need to be on leash or not. You will also need to think about your pace with them than the length and duration that will be fitting for both of you. Weather is also an important aspect. It should not be too cold or too hot. Sometimes it’s just the case that it’s better to leave them at home. That can be fine too, just make sure that they have a nice place to call their own. Dave Miller’s blog has some good advice for making your dog feel warm and welcome.
Those are just the basics that will make you decide if your dog is an applicable running partner. But you have to remember that just like humans, they will also need some practice in order for them to develop. So if they are new, don’t be impatient and let them have their pace. You will have a great running partner in no time.

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